All Hallows Parish
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All Hallows Vestry
The Vestry is the governing board for the Parish. It has three primary responsibilities: to take care of the Parish finances and buildings, and to approve individuals to fill various positions of Parish leadership and representation as named by the Rector.  These responsibilities are accomplished by the formation of committees.  All committees work under the auspices of and report to the Vestry.  Vestry members are elected for three year terms by the Parish.  Elections are held at the annual meeting, which occurs in late January of each year.  The Vestry also is responsible for implementing the strategic plan for the Parish.
Jan Power, Senior Warden
Shawn Shizer, Junior Warden
Bob Binner Jr., Asst. Junior Warden
Rich Johnson, Treasurer
Jenna Jones, Asst. Treasurer
Kate Fox, Registrar
Joan Placido, Archivist
  Term until 2018: Kevin Hanley, Lara King, Maria Levandoski
Term until 2019: Christine Clark, Rich Johnson, Jan Power
Term until 2020: Bridget Blake, Kate Fox, Judi Hilton-Hyde
Download our Parish By-Laws