All Hallows Parish
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Confirmation at All Hallows

In the sacrament rite of Confirmation, baptized persons are "confirmed" in the Christian faith with the laying on of the hands by the bishop.  A diocesan service of Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation is offered during the annual episcopal visitation, and many people choose to be confirmed as a way of affirming their baptisms and of ritually acknowledging a deeper, more mature faith commitment.

Is confirmation ever required to participate in certain aspects of the Episcopal Church?

Yes.  God may call some individuals, through the Church, into positions of guidance and leadership.  For example, The Canons of The Episcopal Church state that Confirmation is required for certain leadership positions, such as Vestry members, and for some service positions such as Eucharistic Visitors, but this in no way precludes an unconfirmed individual from being considered a full member of the Body of Christ.  Confirmation, in cases of leadership and guidance, emphasizes one's public affirmation of faith within the tradition of The Episcopal Church.